Mini Ultrasonic Portable Handheld Nebulizer Machine Mesh Steam Inhaler for Kids, Adults

Put an end to your travel anxiety over nasal congestion by carrying a pocket nebulizer.

  • Attacks from asthma? 😤
  • On aeroplanes, stuffy noses? 😫
  • Allergies to the outdoors?
  • Coughing all the time? 🤒

Our travel nebulizer offers immediate relief:

  • small and light
  • extended battery life
  • Extremely thin mist for efficient application
  • Simple one-button operation

Your go-to breathing partner for a busy life!



A portable nebulizer is a small apparatus intended to administer medication directly to the lungs. These gadgets are typically preferred by patients who lead active lifestyles. The convenience of medicine delivery while on the go is something that portable nebulizers provide, as benchtop nebulizers do not. A portable nebulizer is a more advantageous travel companion for a patient with chronic lung illness than an inhaler.

Since the medication is administered directly to the lungs, the portable nebulizer can provide bronchodilators and corticosteroids to these patients more effectively.

With this portable nebulizer, a thin mist is produced. The tiny particles have a diameter of roughly 23 micrometres. Your youngster is not woken up while they are asleep by it. It's lightweight and convenient to carry; you can fit it in your purse.



The portable, little vaporizer fits easily in your pocket and is suitable for usage at home, at work, and on business trips. Transportable Vaporizer produces a thin mist and enhances the absorption of tiny particles. Less than five micrometre make up the particles.

To activate the portable vaporizer machine, press the button. It will shut off on its own in 15 minutes. Another reminder to always turn off. It uses less electricity, and the battery that charges it is effective. It has a 3-hour operational time after a full charge. Suitable for masks and mouthpieces. Ideal for people of all ages.


  • Personal Steam Inhaler: This quick-fix device offers warm, non-medicated steam for momentary symptom relief from allergies, congestion, and cough.
  • Fast and Simple to Use: With this Vicks steam inhaler, which works with tap water and doesn't require filters, you can get quick relief in just five to fifteen minutes of use.
  • Relief from Cough & Congestion: With its ergonomically built face mask, this personal steam inhaler delivers pure, 99 99% germ-free steam in specified areas. Steam therapy provides immediate treatment by penetrating the sinus, throat, and nasal passageways.
  • Aid for Breathing Issues: Using a warm mist humidifier at home can help relieve dryness, irritation, and congestion naturally. In addition to helping with specific respiratory issues including allergies and colds with cough and congestion, it may relieve nasal congestion.
  • Provides Comfort: Everyone deserves a little attention, in our opinion. Anywhere you go, our portable nebulizer makes it easier for you to breathe and sleep!

How it Operates?

It employs vibrations to produce an incredibly fine mist. With just one button to press, it is really simple to use. Just follow the 4 steps listed below to utilise the mesh nebulizer.

1. Insert two AA batteries, or when travelling, use the included USB cord to connect to a power bank or outlet.

2. Crack open the medicine cup and pour water or medicines into it to the line indicated on the side.

3. Put on the attachment of your choice (a face mask or mouthpiece).

4-Press the button to activate the green light.